The Black Family Foundation is determined to make every donation with a sense of purpose and a defined expectation of measurable outcomes. Applications will be considered in the following general areas or for a special project area established by the Board of Directors.

The foundation is currently considering grants up to $10k in six major areas: Health & Welfare; Entrepreneurial Education; Homelessness; Environmental Sustainability; Economic Initiatives and Technology Initiatives

The Black Family Foundation promotes continuous improvement in the quality of life around the globe by investing in projects that offer a high probability of transformational and sustainable change. The purpose of the Foundation is to address critical needs with measurable outcomes.

How to Apply

Fill out our grant application as completely as possible. We will send a confirmation email once your application has been submitted. Carefully read the following guidelines to ensure your application is valid:

  • Only requests of $10,000 and under will be considered.
  • All fund recipients must be qualified tax exempt organizations under section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Foundation is not able to award grants to individuals or for-profit organizations.
  • Grants will be given to organizations that have either a history of delivering effective results or start-ups that can demonstrate a long-term sustainability plan.
  • In partnership with the United Way, any nonprofit or educational entity seeking funding from Black Family Foundation must actively update and/or verify agency information in the 2-1-1 database.
  • Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis. Applications must be submitted or postmarked by the nearest quarterly deadline date or it will not be considered until the next round.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • October 8th
  • January 14th
  • April 8th
  • July 9th

Ready to Apply?

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or Download Grant Application Guidelines for mailed submissions.